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"A body that is structurally balanced and organized is a body that  enjoys freedom of movement with little or no pain, has less load on joints and bones, has more available  energy, and can fully engage in life."  Experience this difference with Structural Integration.
    Pain and injury don't just "cramp" your style, they impact your life.  Pain and poor movement patterns are physically and emotionally exhausting and often cause us to disengage from the simple joys of life. 
      As an  experienced, licensed massage practitioner and certified Structural Integrator, The Rolf Method I am committed to helping you achieve your health and personal wellness goals so you can get  back to the joy of living. 

 It is important that Rolf Structural Integration is right for you so I  provide a NO FEE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. This allows me to evaluate and assess your individual needs and goals, and answer questions before either of us commit  to the process. 
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