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Experience the difference at Pritchett Muscle Therapy & Wellness Center.
    Pain and injury don't just "cramp" your style. They impact your entire life.
       Our experienced, licensed practitioners  are committed to helping you achieve your health and personal wellness goals so you can get  back to the business of living.  Of course  we want you to feel  better, free from pain, but more important we want you to actually get better and live  better. 
 Our signature service for decreasing muscle pain and tension while restoring structural integrity is Structural Integration, The Rolf Method. This is the method we use for all therapeutic services including sports massage and rehab. Here is a list of additional services we offer to support your pursuit of wellness
     *  The Rolf Method of Structural Integration
   *   Hot/Cold Stone Massage (Stone Medicine,LLC  )
   *   Work site evaluation and Injury Prevention
   *   Reiki and Healing Hands
   *   Rain Bath
   *  Family Systems Constellation
      For more detailed information about these services and how they can help you,  go directly to the menu tab.



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